Shawne Mardis

Professional Bio:

I’ve had a deep love of real estate all the way back to childhood. From building houses out of legos and Lincoln logs as a small child, to drawing floor plans and designing unique houses in high school, Real Estate has always fascinated me. I worked as a designer/drafter for an architecture firm, cabinet company, steel bar joist company, as well as a land surveyor before I found a career path that excites me.

I became an appraiser in 2004 and began my lifelong passion with studying the real estate market. After 16 years of appraising, I decided to add sales to my repertoire and have been able to put my considerable market expertise to work for many families. I have helped them to sell their homes for top dollar in an acceptable timeline, as well as guiding families through the process of buying their dream home.

In 2007, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and developed a tumor on my spine which rendered me unable to walk. After a long rehab period, I began to take my first unassisted steps. My cancer went into remission after chemo and radiation treatment. Ten years later, my cancer battle reared its ugly head again but in an unlikely place. I began passing out and received a diagnosis of a Bundle Branch Block in the lower portion of my heart. This was caused by the radiation I received from my cancer treatment. I then received a pacemaker, and have been relatively symptom-free since then. These obstacles in my life helped me truly learn to value family, giving back, and helping others to overcome their obstacles as well. It taught me that every day truly is a gift and that there is no time to waste in life. Every moment is truly valuable.

All of this adversity has ignited a deep personal desire to make an impact on the world and on YOUR life in the best way that I know-how. The real estate field is truly the love of my life and my true calling. I invest thousands of dollars each month working with some of the top coaches in the country who teach innovative ways to market, social media target, recruiting, and easy systems for follow-up and customer relationship management.

Join #TeamMardis and I’ll pass those strategies I’ve learned along to you. Allowing you to gain a giant leg up and help launch your eXp career. I consider your success to be my success and would love nothing more than to help you achieve the life you dream of for yourself and your family. Real Estate has enabled me to live a life I could only dream of, and I want to help you do the same. Let’s have fun building a future together!. 

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